Los Angeles

On our way to Los Angeles we knew we wanted to go to some great studios in Hollywood. Warner Bros or Universal Studios were coming to choose from. After reading the experience on the Internet, we chose Universal Studios and we certainly did well.

The morning was pretty hectic for us as we rushed to Universal Studios to get there as soon as possible.

Universal Studios

Upon arrival, we had a choice of parking (garages) that varied in price and distance. We chose the cheapest Frankenstein Parking for $16. There was a huge crowd at the gateway to the study itself, so we were afraid how long we would stand there and if we could get there at all. Fortunately, we went through the crowd and bought tickets for $92 per person in a slot machine where only five people were in front of us. For $90 per person, it was possible to get Priority Run, a preferred queues for attractions.

There was a long queue at the entrance turnstiles. But there were more turnstiles, so we went to the last one, where nobody was there. The Americans would rather stand an hour in the queue than take a few steps in addition to the turnstiles 🙂 At the entrance they check tickets + bags.

First of all, we had a little trouble finding out how it goes in the park. Everything is divided into individual themed attractions, such as Transformers, Simpsons, Jurassic Park, etc. Everywhere there are various refreshments, souvenirs and the whole entertainment town.

Despicable Me

We first went to Despicable Me. We waited in the queue, got 3D glasses and sat down in the hall where a short film was set to bring visitors into the situation. Then we went to the next hall, where we were seated, and became part of the story. It was a 5D performance, so the seat moved according to whom, where and how we were moving. It was really super, much better than the Czech 5D cinema – longer and more realistic and more animated.

House of Horrors

Another attraction we visited was the House of Horrors, where was a queue for about half an hour. But it was terrible inside. Something so madly creepy I’ve never experienced in my life, and I would not go back to it again. All the horror characters were real people, no dummies, so they moved around, they were catching us, trying to “kill us”, etc. Everywhere dark, scary music, flashing lights and unexpected revelations of various dead bodies and murderers who chased us with choppers, and a chainsaw in hand. Everyone was terribly afraid, they yelled, and the adults cried out of fear and did not want to go any further. Horror, really… Who wants to worry, this is the right place 🙂

Water World

Then we went to Water World. It was a performance from a water world with lots of impressive effects and stuntmen playing in real Hollywood movies. The performance took place on the water of a tank, around which were stands for the audience. The galleries were divided into a wet and dry zone, wet being more part of the story, and viewers were often sprayed with water.

Part of the performance included many explosions, falls from the iron structure, fire. They were riding on water scooters, boats and water skis and the show was ended by landing an aircraft on the water. The performance was really great and we all recommend it.

Studio Tour

The lunch time was approaching, but everywhere there were such huge queues for food that we refused to waste time and went for a studio tour, with lunch later when there were not so many people in the queues.

We were waiting for about 50 minutes. We boarded a train, took 3D glasses, and went out to the studios. We traveled through various parts of the studios, where real movies, and especially serials, are filmed. Most of them were closed halls in which most of the serial action revolves. There were also houses, cars or entire squares of already filmed movies. The whole tour was commented.

Then the train entered into the hall where we were part of King Kong’s 5D show.

We also traveled around cars that were used in all of the Fast and Furious, Flintstone or Jurassic Parks. We have also become part of a “flood” of a village, and we learned that milk is added to the film rain, because the rain itself is not visible on cameras. We traveled around the lake, where the Jaws movie was shot, but we were shocked because it is a tiny pond with a small boat and a plastic shark 🙂

Part of the tour is a part of the studios where are residences of actors who live here during the shooting. These are small reserved houses with name tags.

Study tours were also great. We have seen with our own eyes things we know only from films.

Jurassic Park

My girlfriend noticed that on the attractions are entries for single riders, that is, the people who are themselves and supplement the individual vacancies. But I did not want to take the risk, so we stood for another hour queue and embarked on a watercarriage took us to the story. We drove through the Jurassic Park, where dinosaurs gulped or sprayed with water. We went through the waterfall and finally went down a giant hill into a tank below us, so we were completely wet. We did not mind at all because it was about 40 °C outside, so it was a pleasant refreshment 🙂


Another attraction we visited was the Transformers. According to the sign, the queue was expected to be 70 minutes, so we decided to go to single riders. The journey led us to the cellar, where we were still wet from the previous attraction, and we got really cool 🙂 The choice of single riders proved to be correct, because even if we did not sit with a girlfriend next to each other, we only waited for a few minutes and saved a lot of time.

In Universal Studios, use Single Riders if possible. You save a lot of time in the queues.

Again, it was a 5D cinema, where we traveled closed in transformer carriages.

The Simpsons

Unfortunately for the Simpsons there were not single riders, so we had to go to a common queue, which fortunately was not that long. Again we got here in the carriage and passed the story in 5D. At this attraction we had 3D even without 3D glasses and it looked really amazing.

Special Effects

The last stop at Universal Studios was the Special Effects Hall, where we were introduced to some tricks used in movies. For example, cutting a hand, jumping on the roofs of buildings, modeling characters using a special suit, etc.

Hollywood Sign

After leaving the Hollywood Studios, we were still heading to Hollywood on the southern slope of Mount Lee at Griffith Park in Hollywood Hills. The road here was narrow, zigzagging, and into a steep hill. Then we went back to our accommodation.

Walk of Fame

The next morning, before going to Las Vegas, we went back to the center to walk through the Walk of Fame with the famous Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street stars. The Walk of Fame is currently very long and contains more than 2,500 stars.

There are many souvenir shops around the Walk of Fame and there is a large number of differently dressed people with who can usually take a picture for a dollar. Prepare yourself for very annoying people in disguises and others who will literally impose various guided tours and rides on all possible.