Las Vegas

The journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas once again led only through deserts. Before entering Las Vegas, you will begin to see large, cheeky buildings. Mountain railway, golden hotels, one hotel even pink, etc.

We’ve just arrived in Vegas for an evening walk through the city. Accommodation was booked in Plaza Hotel. The hotel has its own large parking (garage + ground parking). Upon arrival, we had to pay the $5 parking fee, but we were told that if we stayed, we would get it back at the reception.

Accommodation in Las Vegas is extremely cheap. Over a week around $30 per room in a luxury hotel. Weekends include a surcharge of 100% to 200% of the price.

When we went with our things to the hotel, we had to go through the whole giant casino, which has over 7,400 m2. At the reception, we received a card from the room, which had the number 1702, and was located on the 17th floor. The hotel has a total of 1,037 rooms and 21 floors. From the room, we had a view of the busy Fremont Street. Our hotel was the starting point for this famous street of iniquity.

Fremont Street

The entire Fremont Street Experience is roofed and different things are projected on the roof. Under the roof, it is possible to get on the rope from one side of the street to the other. The entire street is lined by bars, nightclubs, casinos and shops. In bars, there are usually waitress only in the underwear and dancers directly on the street bars. On the street there are several stages, where various performances take place.

Bellagio Hotel

After walking through Fremont Street Experience, we decided to go to the Hotel Bellagio where there is a beautiful fountain. Since it was about 7 km away, we decided to take a bus. Car would not be very sensible, as it would not be where to park and traffic in the evening and night hours is in Las Vegas mad. Fortunately, the bus stop was right on Fremont Street, so it was not a problem. We bought all-day tickets for $16 together.

The journey to the Bellagio Hotel took about 50 minutes. The Bellagio Hotel is next to the famous Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as The Strip.

Fountains are spraying at every moment, so there is no need to double check when it starts. The performance with music is really wonderful.

Mirage Hotel

Our next stop was Mirage Hotel, just a short walk from the Bellagio Hotel, on the Las Vegas Boulevard. There is also a fountain at this hotel, where water is combined with fire. The show was supposed to be the exploding volcano, which was made up of water-filled geysers so it looked like lava. A torch burned around and played music again. The performance was again very nice.

Venetian Hotel

Our last stop was Venetian Hotel, which is an imitation of Italian Venice, and is next to the main Las Vegas Boulevard, a short walk from the Mirage Hotel. Around the hotel there are artificial canals with gondolas and decorated bridges.

The entire street is very interesting, but you need to find enough time to see everything and also count on the fact that you are constantly going through a crowd of people.

On our way back to the room, both of us in our casino lost symbolically one dollar on the slot machines and went to sleep.