Lake Mead

After leaving Las Vegas, we went to Lake Mead, just 40 minutes from Las Vegas. The lake is paid $10 per car (regardless of the number of people in it) but thanks to the Annual Pass we did not have to pay anything again.

At the time of our arrival, the air temperature was 46-47 °C. Even the water temperature was very high like a coffee, so I did not go to the water, but Eva went to the water 🙂

On the way to Flagstaff, where we had booked our accommodation, we planned to stop at the Hoover Dam that stood for the city of Las Vegas, but because there was a high admission fee and we were in a hurry, we missed the stop.

Flagstaff is a city in the northern part of Arizona. It is an important transport (train) artery used by companies such as Nestlé. For the city there is also important tourism due to its distance from major sites such as Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon or the very popular Route 66, which is also known as Main Street of America. Its length is 3,940 km and runs from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California.

Route 66 has a length of 3,940 km and leads over 8 states.