Grand Canyon

All night we had a strong storm in Flagstaff, so we were afraid that the Grand Canyon would be closed because, if not appropriate weather, the park is closed. Fortunately, our concerns were not filled and the park was open.

With my girlfriend, we agreed that there is nothing extra wonderful about the Grand Canyon and, for example, Yellowstone National Park for us was an incomparably better experience.

Grand Canyon is actually just a huge hole. Nothing extra is there to see, it can not be crossed, just passing one end of the endless hole. The whole view of the Grand Canyon looks like a picture, like a wallpaper on the wall.

Grand Canyon is just a huge, unimpressive hole.

So we turned quite quickly and went back to the car and headed for the Desert View tower. On the way, we stopped at a snack at the Grandview Point.

After visiting the views of Desert View, we headed for our next stop at Monticello. On the way, we traveled through the beautiful red mountains in the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation, which came to us as a much nicer spectacle than the whole Grand Canyon 🙂