When we entered Colorado, we stopped at the Visitors Center to find out some information and recommendations. They recommended visiting Rocky Mountains where we did not originally target. That’s the number one area in Colorado.

After visiting the Visitors Center we went to Aspen. Aspen is a town of approximately 6,600 inhabitants, but it is known mostly as a ski resort of celebrities. Aspen boasts the highest real estate prices across the United States and most middle class residents can no longer afford to live here. In 2011, the cheapest house for one family was worth $559,000. In 2015, the median house price was over $5 million. One square foot of the living area costs an average of $897. Accommodation here in 2015 cost an average of $1,750 per bed per night.

Aspen is a luxury winter resort with the most expensive real estate in the US.

Overall, the area is very luxurious. Very luxurious and beautiful restaurants, hotels and the most expensive stores (Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Rolex, Gucci, etc.).

After walking through the town, we went further to our next accommodation in Keystone. Journey next to a narrow, winding road across the mountains, which was very impressive 🙂 We traveled along the way to Twining Peak.

Our accommodation at the Alpine Slopes Lodge in Keystone was really beautiful, yet at a reasonable price. It was certainly the nicest accommodation we had in the US. And there was also a very nice service, who immediately began to recapture us.