Mariánské Lázně

Our luxury hotel Golf Hotel Morris was located 1 km far from Mariánské Lázně. When we came to the room, we were horrified, for there was a terrible darkness in it. But it turned out, fortunately, that they were just dark curtains that were overwhelmed.

After a while of arrival and accommodation, we were welcomed with hail or snowflakes.

The first dinner was really delicious here. Probably one of the best we’ve ever experienced. After dinner, we went for a walk.

The next day we were expecting the first breakfast, which was just as good as the previous dinner. After breakfast, the first procedure was Kneipp’s foot massage, which shocked us, because it was a stump on the stones in a bath with a waterbath, and then in a bath of ice water and like that. Additionally, this procedure was in the corridor of the wellness center, so people around us were going for an interesting attraction 🙂

Another procedure I was visiting was a chocolate bath, while Evička was on a back wrap of bamboo and lotus flowers.

After these two procedures, we went by car to the Kladská nature trail. Eva was a bit underestimated of weather, because it was cold all the time 🙂 But the environment here was wonderful.

At the late lunch we returned to the hotel, which proved to be a great decision, because the food was absolutely amazing again, even though it was not the cheapest 🙂

After a late lunch, we walked to the miniature park Boheminium. We were in a rush because we had a golf treadmill afterwards.

However, we did not last for the golf simulator because it did not work and we did not even enjoy it. After the golf treadmill, we went for dinner and from 21:00 we had a private hot tub.

The last day we went to Karlovy Vary, which we passed. We looked at the Colonnade and we even stood at the Grandhotel Pupp.