We originally went to Buchlov Castle and Buchlovice Chateau, but because we drove later than we originally planned, we decided to go to Kroměříž.

We parked right at the castle, but we did not look at it because the last tour left at 15:30. That’s why we went to look for Flower Garden and just like with our parents we came to Chateau Gardens.

We walked through the Archbishop’s Chateau and Gardens Kroměříž and again we looked around for seeing a sign pointing to Flower Garden. To our surprise, this garden was completely in places other than the castle.

We came into the garden with great expectations, but nothing more than what is on the promotional materials is not here. There was a palm greenhouse, which looked more like a deckhouse, and the other was more like the greenhouse of a typical gardener. But otherwise it’s nice here 🙂 Unfortunately, we were here in the autumn, so the garden was not so green and it was not strewn with flowers.

In the round there is an exhibition of photographs taken in the gardens of Kroměříž.

Eva liked a tree on a hill, around which bushes were planted in the circles, as well as the corridors of trees. The trees were so pervasive that they were just these corridors.

The garden is quite large, so it might not be a bad idea to create a plan of the garden at the entrance, because the garden was a bit like a maze, so we do not even know if we’ve seen everything.

Then we went back to Chateau Gardens, where we spent only a while, and hungry went back to Olomouc.