Chateau Dobris

Our journey was primarily aimed at driving supersports that we booked at Dlouha Lhota Airport near Příbram. In the evening before leaving, we had to solve the question of what car we will use for the journey because I did not have a highway sign on the car (a new car and I did not want to buy a mark before the end of the year) and my brother’s car was not in the best condition 🙂 An option for my car was to purchase a monthly highway sticker.

According to the original plan, we were supposed to leave at 4:15 am, but we took some time off and walked about ten minutes later. The first stop was at the gas station, where we bought the highway sticker.

Navigation in the car unfortunately did not know the airport we were headed for, so we had to go to the nearest village and then according to the navigation in the mobile. We only had to sign a contract and we could ride. I was in my dream Nissan GT-R, the rest of us in Aston Martin DB9.

From the airport we went to Chateau Dobris. At the cash desk, however, we found out that my brother hurried home for a football match, so we can not go to the tour of the castle. So we have chosen an alternative to seeing the French and English style parks.

However, the chateau in Dobris is at least outwardly beautiful and definitely worth a visit.