Introductory word for departure and accommodation

The first joint holiday abroad took place on the largest island of Greece in Crete. On the Internet we found a last minute offer that seemed to be a dream come true for a beautiful holiday. Photos attracted us to the wonderful hotel Kavros Beach with an all inclusive program.

Our journey started at the airport in Ostrava, where we went to the Cretan capital city Heraklion. I was worried because it was the first flight in my life for me, but with a smile on my face and great applause we landed without difficulty. Or at least I thought at that moment. As soon as I looked at a terrified friend, I began to wonder what was going on. I was immediately led by the mistaken fact that our “jumping races” on the runway was not so good. What can I do when I enjoyed the hops, but I’d rather walk around without it.

A bus was waiting for us at the airport to take us to Paralia Kourna. We were almost the last in the bus because our hotel was the last stop. At the reception we picked up the keys and went to the room. At that moment we did not know what was waiting for us. All we knew was that we could not expect the sea view. When the door opened, a dark dungeon appeared before us. After thorough examination of the mini room, we found out that all the equipment is in a state of emergency and the plaster on the wall would be hard to find in many places. “That’s how the room did not look like in the pictures!”, we said. That’s why a friend burned at the reception room to ask for another room. But with no success… We wanted to unpack our stuff, but the day was coming to an end and the sun was far out of the way, so we wanted to light up, but we found out that electricity is not working. Fortunately! It was our only rescue, for in such circumstances they could not have left us here, even though they were trying to do it. Who will not surrender will win. Although we were told by our first complaint that they had no other free room, now the hotel has grown miraculously at the same time.

That was a change. Finally we were where photos from the Internet promised! The room was at least 3 times larger, with a balcony and sea views, high-quality equipment and overall comfort in a completely different category. “The Czech clients of the Exim Tours travel agency are not eligible because we have a contract with the travel agency for accommodation in the old part of the hotel.” We were told at the reception. Our new room in a separate new hotel part was designed only for foreign clients. Maybe you can imagine the difference. We also had private playgrounds and a swimming pool where we met a single couple all the time.

Another unpleasant surprise await us in the dining area, because the food was almost inedible. Perhaps even sausages and eggs were made of powder. We have heard other guests that they come here every year, but this year the hotel changed the owner and this happened. The next day we finally went to the hotel beach, but we did not even have to do that because we rolled in cigarette butts and other garbage left by the Czechs irresponsible because we did not see anyone else on the island. We bathed in the tranquil clear sea and planned what we were going to do, because we were not interested in lounging on the beach. So now we will give you some tips for places that are definitely worth a visit.

Lake Kournas

It is the largest freshwater lake of Crete, where you can ride on pedalos and watch goldfish and other beasts. The lake can be rounded around, but we did not get this option. In the neighborhood you will find several taverns and a few shops with wondrous brand perfumes and other things. The lake can best be reached by train, which departs regularly from the center of Paralia Kourna, where you can find a number of shops with local products and souvenirs.

The open-air chapel in Georgioupolis

From the village Paralia Kourna, along the coast, we went to dominate of the town Georgioupolis – a chapel in the sea, which can be only visited if the sea is peaceful. We tried to reach it at the time of the turbulent sea, but despite all the efforts we turned to the middle of the pier and went back, because it was already very dangerous. The waves grew more and more over the path of great stones.

City Chania

We have not missed the opportunity to travel by local public transport and go to the beautiful city Chania. Even if you find the timetable at the stops, take it with great reserve, as the bus drivers ride as they want. For us, the bus arrived after 30 minutes from the scheduled arrival shown in the timetable. Once you have settled in the bus, bus service will come to you and ask you where are going. Then you pay the amount of money accordingly. In Chania, we took a paper map, but nowadays a mobile map will be enough if you think of it before leaving for your holiday to download map data to your mobile.

We headed for a part of the Old Town, which surrounds the 3-kilometer 16th-century walls and the remnants of the Schiavo Venetian fortress. In the charming Venetian Harbor Chania you will find at the end of the pier a beautiful lighthouse (The Lighthouse) and St. Nicholas Bastion). The seafront is lined with a number of local taverns, whose staff are enticing you to sit. They offered us a welcome drink for free, which seemed very good, but it was not. Because the 10 euro pizza I had was a maximum of 10 cm in diameter. A friend did not dare to try a local specialty – snails, but no glory was it for the money. So choose where you eat, carefully. The more they attract, the worse and more expensive services they offer. This is at least our experience.

In Chania, you can also walk through the market, small streets and streets with various shops where, among other things, you can find branded figurines.

Watercity Water Park, Anopolis

Check the weather forecast before visiting the aquapark, and if the temperature of the thermometer climbs too high, do not drive there. Regrettably, we did not have anything left because we paid a visit as a trip, but in my opinion, there is a regular bus service that gathers people from all holiday resorts.

We caught the day when it was over 35 °C and could not stand in the aquapark because it is on one side of the slope, where is sunshine all day with very few places where you can hide. Every moment of waiting for some attraction for us was very devastating and I have to admit that I am a great lover of sunshine.

Experience at the end

If you own a cheaper camera, do not pull it out or you will end up like me. Already on the second day of my stay on the way to the Georgioupolis Chapel, the camera died. Fortunately, my boyfriend still had his camera with him. The icing on the cake was that I can not take such a camera for a holiday to the sea because it is not intended for that! What to add… Camera that has never encountered water and was constantly in the protective package was taken to a collection point for electrical equipment after two months of use.

One more important piece of information. The very second day of our stay in Crete was a major storm that did not last for long, but since then there have been great waves at sea that have not left till our departure. Red flags flashed along the shore and the sailors were constantly on guard. It was recommended not to go to the sea at all. But the Czechs don’t care about this, of course, and they do not care for the instructions of the lifeguards, so we witnessed the rescue action of two Czechs on a large inflatable whale, which, in a few moments, reached the open sea. Do not underestimate your forces that can not prevail over the force of natural elements!

Hints and tips in a nutshell

  • Toilet paper does not throw in the toilet in Greece.
  • While public transport has timetables, do not trust them.
  • If you are staying in a nasty room, speak up.
  • Do not buy cheap branded perfumes.