On Saturday, at 6 am, we went to southern Moravia to visit our friends. Because I had a new car, I did not want to buy a new year-long highway sign, so we drove off the highway. But the built-in navigation in the car has a bit of a problem with it, and despite setting it to avoid motorways, it has driven us along the highways and just told us that there are paid sections along the way. Finally, we navigated using GPS on our smart phone, where it could be reliably set to drive us out of paid roads. Finally, the journey took us almost three hours, as there were many closures and detours in many places.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with a dessert, and then we were looking for a lost earring. Then we went to the beauties of South Moravia.

Valtice Chateau

We first went to Valtice Chateau. The tour of the inner part of the chateau was postponed until Sunday, because it was beautiful outdoors, so we wanted to use it for outdoor walks. So we went through the park at the chateau, so called hell in the park, then went to the Castle Cellar. At the end of the tour there was a tasting of three wines and glasses we could have left. Admission to the cellar was CZK 60 per person.

Underground of Valtice

Another goal was underground Valtice. The underground is nice and it is good to visit it, on the other hand we would not go back again, because it was not such a hit.

After visiting the underground, we went to lunch.


After lunch, we took a ride on the bike to the Reistna. I and our friend were riding old veterans, while Eva and her sister got new mountain bikes. On the prospect, it is possible to go up, but the entrance fee is 20 CZK. From Reistna we then went back home to our friend.

Sandpit Zaječí

Another goal was the sandpit in Zaječí called “gravel”. So we sat in the car and headed to Zaječí to swim and then to the lookout tower Dalibor Zaječí. This was the first day for us. There was just a barbecue on the outside grill of our friend.

Diana’s temple

The next day we went back to the bikes to Diana’a Temple, also known as Rendez-vous or Rendezvous. Diana’s Temple is one of the sails and hunting lodges in the Lednice-Valtice area. It is located near the Rendezvous Pond. It is a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.

Three Graces

The next stop was Three Graces, a statue of three naked women. Around these women is a semi-circular classicalist structure. At Three Graces we met two of our friends from Olomouc 🙂

Apollo temple

We also walked along the banks of the Mill Pond to Apollo Temple. We just stood for snacks at Apollo camp and set out on the way back.

On the way back we passed the New Dvory farm and St. Hubert’s Chapel. Then we drove back to our friend and went back home to Olomouc.