Aquapalace Prague

Because we had our way to Prague today, we decided to visit the famous aquapark Aquapalace Prague in Čestlice, because we have never been there.

According to the website it is the largest aquapark in the Czech Republic. But when we came in, we were quite surprised that it was not such a glory again. Compared to foreign aquaparks, it is really a great hardship and it is more of an aquapark for families with children than a real aquapark.

Although Aquapalace is the largest aquapark in the Czech Republic, it is VERY small compared to the foreign one.

In addition to the indoor pool, Aquapalace has an outdoor area, saunas, diving and a children’s play area. But the park itself came pretty small and basically we only ride on a single rubber goggle, which was also very heavy and wearing them on the stairs was not funny, and the rubber on the slide did not work very much and much wasted around the edge. So for us it was a great disappointment and experience that we do not have to go through it again.