This is the first time we went with my girlfriend to the Alps this year. I have been in the Alps several times, but my girlfriend was in the Alps for the first time. The choice fell on the Austrian Dachstein because I have never been there yet, but it’s a big and the famous resort, which is partly glacier.

Arriving at the hotel

We went to the road after noon, because on the first day we had no plans, just to come to the place and accommodate. In addition, I picked Eva right at school. The trip itself took about five hours, but we were searching for our hotel for quite some time. Accommodation was reserved at Berghotel Dachstein, which is a hotel with a Czech owner, so even without knowledge of German 🙂 This hotel is located just a short walk from the bottom station of the Glacier cable car Dachstein Gletscher, meaning already relatively very high in the mountains, about 1,700 meters above sea level. Because we did not have a direct address in the navigation, we had to navigate to Ramsau am Dachstein, but even the navigation did not know the way, so we ended up at the village of Pichl just outside Schladming. At this time, we did not know where to go, so we were looking around hotels that would be similar to ours. So we headed up the hill one time and reached the RaunerHof Hotel. When I went to ask at the reception, if she did not know where our hotel was, they had no idea of ​​any such hotel nearby. At the next hotel, we were told that we were completely wrong that our hotel was on the other side of the mountain and tried to get us some way.

In the meantime, however, the darkness was coming, and it also began to snow in a rather dense fashion. So we headed for the second hill where our hotel should be. The road we were going through was obviously just a small and little-maintained road with relatively large snow tongues and snowballs, and not having a four-wheeled car, we would almost certainly did not get to the hotel. But I enjoyed the trip but my girlfriend was quite afraid 🙂

On the way, we stopped at the snowy sign to see where to go. Fortunately, we were successful and we found out that we had gone completely wrong and had to go another major main road.

Planai – Hochwurzen

On our first ski day, we went to Planai – Hochwurzen. Because we knew we wanted to cross several resorts in the area, we bought a three-day ski pass for the whole Ski amadé area at a price of 117 € per person for three days.

The Planai resort features 124 kilometers of slopes at an altitude of 1,000 to 1,906 meters above sea level. The starting point of Planai is directly in Schladming.

The weather did not come out extra on this day, it was under clouds, and often the clouds were passing through. However, there were not many people, and it was very good. Many modern lifts and wide slopes allow for really good riding.

Planai is also the regular organizer of Alpine Skiing World Cup competitions.

Hauser Kaibling

The next day, we went to the Hauser Kaibling, which was far away from our hotel, but we liked the slopes. The highest point of the resort is at 2 015 meters above sea level.

Today’s weather was considerably nicer than the day before, but maybe it was nice too much. The sun was shining intensively throughout the day and the temperature reached over 10 °C over the afternoon, which was badly reflected in the quality of the snow, which started to be very shoddy around the afternoon and the slopes were becoming increasingly crowded.

There were also much more people than the previous day in Planai.

Because we had finished skiing earlier and had a little more time, we changed and walked on the Dachstein Glacier to get to know where to go skiing the next day, and to look at Dachstein Skywalk.

Dachstein Gletscher

We spent the last day of skiing on the glacier Dachstein Gletscher. This glacier is about 2,700 meters above sea level, so there is no need to worry about snow. The weather was beautiful again, but due to the altitude we did not suffer from high temperatures and wet snow. However, the glacier itself is a really small resort. There are only eight downhill slopes, three lifts and one funicular. Skiing here was really great, the slopes were perfectly groomed. People were very few, so there was no waiting in the queues.

However, as the resort is small, we did not ski the whole day, but we went into the ice cave, where the entrance is free with a valid ski pass.


The last day during the way home to Olomouc, we stopped in the village Hallstatt, which belongs to UNESCO, where we wanted to ride a cabin into the salt caves, but we had the misfortune that the cabin was just out of order.