Adrenaline Park Dolní Morava

Today we went to Adrenaline Park in Dolní Morava. We were two of us, but that did not spoil us.

Rope park is really great. Significantly greater than the others we were in (Olomouc on Svatý Kopeček and at Hrubá Voda near Olomouc).

Five tracks are available in the park, depending on the difficulty from the easiest suited for children to the most difficult black, where you can reach up to about 13 meters above the ground. On some routes, you will climb over the road 🙂

The routes are made up of different obstacles, sometimes you are mainly climbing your hands, sometimes it is dexterous or hard on your feet. Sometimes you rock (sometimes involuntarily :-)) or ride on the pulley.

The length of the circuit is different and depends on the capabilities. I took the red circle around 40 minutes. Eva took the black circle for about 45 minutes, including the time when the instructor rescued her, because she swung and then she could not climb back 🙂

I recommend the red circuit, because it was most interesting in my opinion.

In addition to these rope parks there is also a giant swing, jump or climbing wall. However, we have not been to these activities.